Dave Laslett is a transdisciplinary land artist who alters vistas to build meticulous and intricate true worlds. Existing in a space outside of society Laslett hyper-focuses, without distraction or dilution, on these unique site-specific installations, impossible lighting techniques and technically driven photography. His life is an extension of his practice, living in isolation, close to the land using only what he needs.

Laslett is embedded within the outer environment and spends endless months developing natural and foreign objects to deploy within these intricate scenes, infusing various elements of philosophy, sociology, psychology and mindfulness. This dance initially helps to decipher the world around him, while quickly transitioning into an unconscious compulsion.

Forged through self-determination, experimentation and an unflinching work ethic, Dave Laslett has developed and refined a unique style of documentary photography. Utilizing a converted military troop carrier as a regional base, Dave has travelled throughout South Australia, the APY Lands, surrounding communities as well as Port Augusta creating portraits and historical documentation primarily focused on the First Peoples people of Australia.

In the past few years, Laslett has been developing his fine arts practice, a unique blend of site-specific installation, unique lighting techniques and photography. His life however is an extension of his practice, living in isolation, close to the land using only what he needs.

Laslett began his photographic journey in late 2012. This process of discovery began in a rented back shed that had been converted into a family room. Daily he would probe the limits within the camera. At the time this was a donated Nikon d70. Fervent investigations saw him exhaust camera after camera, small then large lighting systems, modifiers, grids, gels, practically anything that wasn’t nailed down.

With a firm hold on the technical Dave set out to interact with the outside world and began tracking bodies of waters via Google Maps creating conceptual works within National Parks creating a series of works based heavily within perception vs reality whilst developing a strong understanding and execution of contrast and imbalance. Again this wasn’t enough and so Dave set out on a random sociality project tracking individuals and spending a single day walking alongside them in their daily lives all the while listening, absorbing and ultimately expanding his creative practice.