Notes from the Desert

Artist Camp \ Marla, SA

The path of internal discovery within TWO WAYS was deeply transformative and I suppose in a way this series was meant to continue that. I wasn’t prepared for the depth that this investigative process would delve into. As the kilometers racked up, the red dirt clinging to our sweat laden skin, a newfound clarity began to emerge.

Every element in my life had led me to this point. From the early days investigating the police paddocks of inner suburban Dandenong, being smashed around through trauma and loss, discovering the magic of audio engineering and signal flow to the digital work of Christos Magonas and obsessively capturing textures with a $175 Canon PowerShot camera. Everything is beginning to start making some semblance of sense.

Ran out of sandbags on this set up
Each night a war broke out as we endeavored to have the worlds most level swag even when camping in eroded, canal like creeks. The highlight early on was projecting childhood films for movie night on the side of the Land Rover.

As we made our way north without, dilution or distraction, the sense of ultimate freedom and joy began to creep in. The vast horizons and endless unremarkable straight roads provided hours of contemplatively conversion and discussion. Through this, there has been an awakening of sorts. A new perspective and overview that has empowered a change of the guard and a conscious shift in direction.

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