Privacy Policy

I deeply respects the importance of privacy of all of our Customers. Below outlines the manner in which we collect and use information on this website as well as how you can make changes to that information.

We never trade or sell this information to any third parties.
We collect personal information about you which we only ever intend to use to provide you with the best possible Customer service, and in our own marketing activities.

When you use any of our services we collect information from you such as your name, address, telephone number, and email address. Often, we store this information for verification purposes as well as future promotional use. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that your information is secure at all times.

If we believe in good faith that we are required to by law, we may provide your information to third parties for legal purposes.

When you visit our site, we may also collect data that helps us to track the usage of our site which ultimately helps us to deliver a better site to you, our Customers. The information that may be collected includes your IP service providers’ address, the name of the web page directing you as well as your movement throughout the site.
Cookies are a small file that resides on your computer and is recognized by our server when you visit our sites. These cookies provide us with information about your activity on our site so that we can provide a better website experience in the future. If you would rather we did not use cookies with you, you can refuse them by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive. You will still be able to visit our sites.

The Australian Privacy Act gives you the right to access and correct any information that we hold about you. This includes both your personal details as well as your willingness or otherwise to participate in our promotional / marketing activities. If you would like to make changes to this information please email us here.

This privacy policy relates only to our sites. If you visit other sites that may be linked to, or advertised on ours then we suggest that you take the time to review their privacy policies. We are not responsible for these sites.

In order to reflect the fact that our business is growing constantly, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time. The most up-to-date policy will always be available here.