We shall pretend for we have become good at that

We shall pretend for we have become good at that



  • 3/3 Rare Edition
  • Iilford Gallerie Prestige Metallic Smooth Pearl (Satin Lustre)
  • Deep box frame with Ultra Vue Glass
  • Framed in South Australia

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Not unlike my parents I had a vision of what life was going to look like. To me it was unfathomable that reality would be different to the version I had pre-destined it in my mind. Simple that was how it was going to be.

Following the death of my sister I unconsciously went to any lengths to find control wherever it might have hidden. Life had become unbearable and yet it wouldn’t slow down, like a blazingly expedient treadmill spinning off its guides. There was an unchecked darkness within me.

With no respite or way of stopping there only choice was to keep running.

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Black Gallery box frame, Unframed


1000mm longest edge, 14000mm longest edge